Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #93 (the Emperor and the General)

Fred le marin (2006-07-22T23:20:10Z)

Turkan was merely a young and anonymous soldier in the Emperor's realm.
The splendour and the wealthiness which always came from the court were unfamiliar to him, though he knew it all by gossip.
For sure, he would die for a noble cause but actually he turned out to be rather neutral, and even quite reluctant to.
Unlike many, he was not very much interested in the overwhelming rush for power, richness and glory.
There was no damsel in distress especially waiting for him to rescue her, but yet, he had to find something out.
Turkan seemed used to that kind of calls in his short destiny.
The dawn rose from the horizon. The air was still cold and the ancient battlefield remained void.
While he was listening to the echoes of distant clashes of shimmering and shiny armors, he was also wondering :
- "How much courage do I have in my guts to face the Truth ? The Emperor is a phantom and should belong to the past."
He wanted to behave with manliness but he had always been a rookie.
Furthermore, he was a little bit stubborn to figure out many other men were usually feeling this way.
In his palace the Emperor was still sleeping, as was his wont…

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