Comments on The Last Unicorn… and other tales

Ruxor (2005-10-10T12:38:54Z)

Oh, and I just caught a reference to "Nancy Drew" and the "Hardy Boys": I understood that one, but it makes me wonder how many of the same kind I must be missing…

cossaw (2005-10-05T08:58:11Z)

The last Unicorn. I remember the motion picture (especially the use of Mia Farrow's voice) quite a lot. I've watched it three or four times in French and twice in English (it aired on WB while I was in Cambridge, Ma).
It WAS a mixed bag, playing on emotional ideas, and it definetly had satyrical tendencies (just like the wizard's ineffective magic), while the "good vs bad" general idea was at play. I actually liked it very much that the "good" characters were not that good, nor was the villain's evil conviniently classical in the end (though he WAS evil). Shades of grey instead of just manichean, with some ideas of innocense being present (the woman who's not a virgin anymore but who's still able to see the unicorn for what/who she is, just the way the wizard is able to ; the love story behind it all, the renounciation…)
I guess i just have to buy the book now that you've reminded me of its existence :)

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