Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #57 (the School of Athens)

Nathania (2005-11-10T02:25:28Z)

Dear Hermes,

Before you dazzle us with your mastery of Akkadian mythology, perhaps you would care to consider some rules of English: when used as an adjective, write "worn out pun" with a hyphen (worn-out pun); all adjectives pertaining to nationalities and civilisations take a capital letter (Akkadian); and while the French verb "offenser" and the English "to offend" share a common root, they end differently.

But of course, thank you for your contribution. I look forward to further enlightenment on your own subjects of speciality.

Kindest regards,

Joël (2005-10-01T21:59:31Z)

Pas mal du tout !

Hermes (2005-10-01T11:15:38Z)

Dear friend,

We cannot conceive of some one not "getting it". Really, we are against elitism.

BTW, you appear not to have noticed that the worn out pun in Sanskrit was, most interestingly, a parody of a replica in the akkadian legend of Ishtar. I won't offense you in telling about boring details.

best regards…

Socrates (2005-09-30T11:27:35Z)

At the end, I felt they didn't like my jokes so much…

pavel_florensky (2005-09-30T11:26:08Z)

Enfin quelque chose qui sort des profondeurs de l'être, c'est très bien!!!

phi (2005-09-30T09:03:54Z)

It seems we are on the Planet of the Apes and Ruxor might be the only vestige of that golden age…

Oresama (2005-09-30T03:08:55Z)

Excellent ! I usually find those GLF of yours a bit on the boring side, but this one is really good.

DH (2005-09-29T23:08:02Z)

Ça ressemble rudement à l'ENS telle qu'on se la pred dans la figure quand on rentre en conscrit innocent (trop) sûr de son intellect…

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