Comments on Des scènes et des fragments

jonas (2005-10-01T19:32:24Z)

I think I know this feeling well. There're so many things
that could be done, but oh so little time. It can sometimes
be very nagging.

However, do think it over for a moment why this is
neccessary. We, humans, have lots of ideas. We can
think much faster than we can talk or act. And we
even have creative, new ideas, even ones unrelated to
the problems we are facing at the moment, whether this
is your work, your hobby, or just doing the shopping or
choosing what clothes to wear today.

Without this ability, we would just be animals.
Smart and special animals, that can talk, wear clothes,
build towers, buy and sell stocks etc.
We could sustain an existing civilization pretty well,
doing all tasks it presents.
But there wouldn't be new ideas. No-one would
invent anything new.
It would be a sustained world just like the one in
the Planet of the Apes (phi just mentioned this book
in another comment).
Nothing new would appear, but not like in Orwell's book,
where people are at least trying to change things.
It would be even worse I think.

Computers will never substitute us fully.
They can once be much more
intelligent, but they can never be as curious.

Jonas de Dieppe (2005-09-30T07:24:25Z)

Mêmes nos lectures ne sont pas nos normes : l'imprévu commence dès la première phrase, notre première phrase, poussée par des années d'une macération plus ou moins décidée. Je prends des kilos de notes pour garder contact avec l'atmosphère du livre que je dois expulser, mais au final le livre reste indompté et accidentel.

Nicolas (l'autre) (2005-09-29T11:33:52Z)

Noter l'essentiel dès que ça te vient à l'esprit. Comme ça tu n'oublie pas, et tu peux y revenir plus tard.

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