Comments on Needle in a haystack

Luc (2005-07-15T09:27:39Z)

Follow me : drop Google and use Yahoo search. They have a built-in feature that does exactly what you're asking for ! It's called "my web" :
"Try My Web BETA - Find it, save it, never forget it."

Julien (2005-07-13T10:01:10Z)

Omniweb does that since version 2 , IIRC (~10 y.o.?) and it is great.

Gratyn (2005-07-10T17:25:35Z)

Mozilla already have an history list of visited websites of the last 9 days (ctrl-H). In the options, it is possible to increase the number of days.

jko (2005-07-09T22:52:24Z)

what about a firefox plugin doing that ?

phi (2005-07-09T08:22:05Z)

It seemed to me Google's 'one or more' majkes it order according to number of words found (?).

One idea: let your browser store all addreses in history and write a script to make a summary of these pages (eg first 10 line or so). Then you will probably recognize your page.

btw, Google should also index books not in the public domain, but giving then only the reference and page number.

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