Comments on Reinstallation nightmare

Anonymous Coward #774 (alkama) (2004-04-03T11:11:17Z)

Gentoo is THE distrib;)

have a look!

Anonymous Coward #735 (nat) (2004-03-26T23:07:37Z)

> I'll urgently discourage people who ask me for advice from trying Linux

the answer is 'Knoppix'

> highly configurable

the motto is "DON'T TWEAK THE COMPUTER, you fool. get accustomed with the default configuration. distro maintainers tweak for you to work"

seriously: Debconf will be good for you :-)

phi (2004-03-25T18:30:15Z)

I'm very impressed by your 4×3×3 layout for I have only a 1x1x1 layout. But, true, Windows is able ti manage 1600x1200 pixels, and provide scrollbars in any application, of which many manage tabs.
Nevertheless, don't think Debian is the best distraction: you could have spent more time yet with Windows.

Ruxor (2004-03-25T15:56:07Z)

The viewport-dimensions line is used to enlarge the desktop dimensions (add virtual screens within a desktop): this used to be part of Gnome-1.2 (and easily configurable within the control panel) but it seems that viewports have been deprecated from Gnome-2.4, or not yet integrated, or whatever. However, I can't live without them. It took me some Googling effort to discover (in various mailing-list messages) that sawfish can create them anyway even if Gnome won't.

(To make things perhaps clearer, the layout is conceptually three-dimensional: it is divided in "desktops" which are themselves larger than the screen area and can be divided in "viewports". I am accustomed to having a 4×3×3 layout: four desktops each 3×3 times the screen size. The viewport-dimensions line creates the 3×3 viewports.)

bort (2004-03-25T14:46:30Z)

I agree that, at least after getting used to Gnome-over-Sawfish, the new Gnome-over-Metacity seems like utter crud.

However: you mention you had to "work around a stupid limitation of Gnome by adding the cryptic line (define-special-variable viewport-dimensions '(3 . 3))" and add "Needless to say, there is absolutely no kind of documentation anywhere that tells you to add this line, or why you need it.". So, why do I need it? And where did you find this was the way to fulfill this need?

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