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John Gabriel (2005-06-09T20:51:02Z)

I tried to translate whatever you wrote in French. I have never posted any comments on sci.math. The only site I have posted comments was on cut-the-knot.

I wish you were brave enough to write whatever it is you have to say in a language we can all understand.

f3etoiles (2005-06-03T16:56:44Z)

Je profite de l'occasion (et du fait que ce log est modéré) pour rappeler que John Gabriel est un crank (mathématique) bien connu sur sci.math, dont les tentatives récentes pour "defacer" (zut, je trouve pas la traduction française : vandaliser n'est pas exactement le mot) la Wikipedia ont été (surprise) efficacement contrées par le mécanisme dont il se plaint… Il aura quand même du mal à intervenir sur tous les blogs de la planète mentionnant les wikis…

John Gabriel (2005-06-03T14:39:00Z)

Wikipedia is a circus in my opinion. There are a number of reasons:

- How can any source be objective or encyclopaedic when there are a select group of individuals on a panel who get to decide what's encyclopaedic? These individuals (even if they have Phds in Math) are not qualified to make such judgments.
- Wikipedia is the world according to these individuals. It is decidedly not a peoples encyclopaedia and it is not objective.

If they are so concerned about data being correct, they would have been wiser to have a no-modify approach or different versions of the same subject should be allowed. How does deleting an article facilitate openess and communication? Just because they believe it is not encyclopaedic, does not mean it is so. Their system of votes for deletion has not worked and they are really a bunch of narrow-minded clowns at the end of the day.
The last source to look at will be Wikipedia - everyone knows it's the world according to the Wikipedia trolls.

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